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Personality Types

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(I’m good / You are good)

  • resilient
  • trusting
  • vulnerable
  • open to change
  • make

Fearful Avoidant

(Come close/go away)

  • Wants closeness then push away
  • Initiates a relationship but pulls away
  • Seductive until the newness of the relationship wears off
  • Avoids vulnerability
  • Avoids intimacy
    fears intimacy and true closeness
  • Energy and attention flows outside the relationship
  • Relationships are not mutually reciprocal

Preoccupied Anxious

(I’m bad / You are good)

  • focuses on abandonment threat cues
  • difficulty calming down
  • difficulty letting go
  • fear of being alone
  • usually blames self for the behaviors of others
  • repetitive/obsessive thoughts

Dismissive Avoidant

(I am good / You are bad)

  • Fears intimacy and closeness
  • Appears to not want a loving relationship but does
  • Unsure how to maintain a relationship
  • Feelings of love and longing creates anxiety
  • Confuses love and anxiety
  • Becomes annoyed & irritable when getting closer in a relationship
  • Prefers for the partner to end the relationship

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