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When life becomes unmanageable due to being hijacked by these problems, simply getting through each day is extremely difficult.

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I am available for professional presentations and workshops. Working with individuals, groups, and couples struggling with emotional and behavioral issues.

Narcissism Abuse Recovery Kit

Narcissism Abuse Recovery Kit

NEW eBook! I've authored a book to provide practical narcissistic healing strategies. I have treated many with this problem. There is hope!

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Trauma Bonds & Narcissist Abuse eCourse

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Do you tend to doubt your reality because someone is telling you they didn't say what you heard?

Do you make excuses for being in a painful or destructive relationship?

Do you feel like you don't have an identity of your own?

Are decisions difficult for you to make?

Does your partner not listen to you, no matter how you try to get it across?

These are just a few of the questions I can help you with. Just fill in the form and we'll set up a free consultation!