Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

The decision to explore your possibilities for change is often a difficult one! If you decide to receive services, it is important that you know how we will work together. I believe our work will be most helpful to you when you have a clear idea of what we are trying to do.


Psychotherapy is often utilized to help people with life challenges. There are many ways to “do” therapy. I utilize several therapeutic methods based on the need of each individual client. These include but not limited to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, Somatic strategies, The mind/body connection, Mindfulness (assists with being present and grounded), Meditation (calming), Client Centered Therapy (you are the expert and make the final decisions), Hold Me Tight conversations for couples, Getting Past the Affair for couples, and the Patrick Carnes models for treatment for Sex Addicts and/or their Partners.


A holistic model will be included in your treatment plan that may include role play, journaling, problem solving, drawings, physical representation items, comfort items, skill building, emotional management, and exercises to practice between sessions. Rather than reducing symptoms, a dual focus on treatment also includes healing of unresolved pains that may be impacting your current quality of life.


Should you choose to continue treatment, the goal for a positive outcome becomes our mutual responsibility. This begins with your commitment and trust in the treatment process and my commitment to address your concerns and/or questions as they arise during session. This agreement also involves my commitment to you as your therapist, helping guide you in a discovery process of your desired treatment goals.

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