EMDR Workshop Jan. 26-27th

A Weekend of Release & Renewal: An EMDR & Hypnosis Approach
Release the Bonds of Trauma, Bad Relationships, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety

If you are experiencing problems…

Loneliness PTSD Phobia
Depression Alcohol or Drugs Sexual Addiction
Addiction Infidelity Flashbacks
Nightmares Narcissism Abuse Anxiety Attacks
Chronic Pain Severe Anxiety Trauma Symptoms
  Relationship Problems  


When life becomes unmanageable due to being hijacked by these problems,simply getting through each day is extremely difficult.


There is Hope!


Today you are one step closer to a new life of peace and fulfillment. Freedom is possible using my proven, nontraditional treatment approach. You and I, will collaboratively work as a team to help you develop a life full of joy, stability, peace, sobriety, and healthy relationships. You were meant to live a meaningful life and have a right to sleep well and look forward to each day.

I provide a comprehensive treatment approach. I believe in permanent problem resolution rather than simply reducing symptoms. Therefore, the mind, body and spirit approach is essential.